Wellness Events

Open Gym Hours:

Monday – Friday: 8:00 a.m. – 5:15 p.m.

Class Descriptions:

Workout Blast – Burn a significant amount of calories utilizing this form of interval training, alternating between short periods of weight lifting with less intense cardio recovery periods.

Bootcamp – Jump from station to station for an intense calorie burning and strength training workout all in one! With our top of the line fitness equipment, including: TRX trainers, BOSU balls, battling ropes, gliders, and more. We guarantee you will leave sweating, satisfied, and one step closer to your fitness goals!

Spin Class – High energy indoor cycling class. Pedal in a group, roll over hills, chase the pack, climb mountains and spin your way to burning calories and strengthening your lower body. This class is geared for anyone that can ride a bike. We have 7 bikes available for each class. Class at 11:30 to 12 and 12:10 to 12:40.

Flow Yoga – Distinguished by its fluid transitions and movement through a series of carefully planned poses. Purpose of vinyasa yoga is to use the breath to align the body and mind. You’ll develop a stronger mind-body connection and grow in strength and flexibility in this 45 minute class. All levels welcome!

Weight Circuit – Move station to station working all the major muscle groups using dumbbells, barbells, and TRX. Simple movements such as presses, lunges, and squats make this workout perfect for all fitness levels.

Yoga Express – This rejuvenating class will be 40 minutes of stretching, strengthening and meditation. You will be practicing yoga while sitting, standing, or laying down. Take this private getaway to destress your mind and body!

Ab Attack – Attack the core from all angles! Strengthening our core is vital for everyday living. This class will help strengthen your abdominals, obliques, and even lower back, offering you an all-around core workout!

Open Gym – Feel free to come in and workout on your own or complete one of our many circuit workouts available!